One of the biggest and most dangerous differences between men and women

Men take refuge in caves and women talk 'One of the biggest differences between men and women is how they deal with stress' Simona Muscari personal Matchmaking

Men take refuge in caves and women talk

"One of the biggest differences between men and women is how they deal with stress".

Two ways that we can define as opposites; men tend to close in more and more on themselves and to focus on the problem, while women feel more and more emotionally involved. In these circumstances, the needs of the two sexes diverge. Men feel better if they solve problems, women if they talk about them.

The inability to understand and accept this difference creates unnecessary friction in our relationships. Let us look at an example. A man comes home, wants to relax by reading the newspaper. He is stressed because of the unresolved problems of the day and finds relief in putting them aside. The woman also wants to relax after a hard day. She, however, aspires to find relief by talking about her problems; thus, tension grows between them until it turns into resentment.

The man is secretly convinced that his partner talks too much, while she feels ignored. If they do not come to understand the differences between them, they will drift further apart.

You have probably recognised this situation, because it is only one of many in which men and women find themselves at odds. In fact, the problem is not one that affects almost all interpersonal relationships. The solution to the problem of does not depend so much on mutual love as on the understanding and awareness that each has of the other.

Ignoring the fact that women need to talk about their problems to feel better, the man will remain firm in his conviction that she talks too much and will continue to refuse to listen.

Ignoring the fact that her man is reading the newspaper to feel better, she will continue to feel neglected and unregarded. She will also persist in her attempts to get him to talk when he does not feel like it.

In these circumstances, it is crucial to take into account the differences that exist between the male and female worlds. Failure to do so could inevitably lead to a distancing and sometimes even a clash, simply because of misunderstandings in the way of being, seeing things and dealing with them that exist between the female and male worlds. I can assure you that being aware of and putting into practice certain knowledge will greatly change the quality of your relationships, my word... and John Gray's.

Some parts taken from: 'Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus' by John Gray.


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