"Love is the wisest of follies, a bitterness capable of suffocating, a sweetness capable of healing."

William Shakespeare


I have decided to share with you part of my story, because I believe it is common to many others ..and specifically it is starting point for each of you to believe in yourself and to make your past experiences a treasure.


On September 16, 2022, I presented the national premiere: STORY OF A HEART HUNTER, my book.

For the occasion, a private and exclusive event dedicated to Career Singles was held in the evening at Le Rovedine Golf Club in Milan.

I recently thought of writing a book and telling all this as a cue to look within, and understand that "in every ending there is always a new beginning" and that "to every soul there is another soul, it's just a matter of knowing how and where to look."

I thank everyone who participated for being an integral part of one of my life dreams.

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