People are often afraid of others' judgment, so they decide to continue to endure their lives

"Often people are afraid
of other people's judgment, so they decide

To continue to suffer their lives."

Simona Muscari

(...) I was a little girl who brought the shopping cart home with the groceries and then made the backward journey to return it to the supermarket, matured with a sadly distorted idea of family. I commiserated and pitied my mother, perhaps even went so far as to hate her.

I did not understand how he could resign himself to endure a life of so erence and abuse so as not to lose his good reputation with the townspeople.

She continued to be with a man who neither loved nor respected her. She had married at the age of seventeen after seeing her future husband only a couple of times, more to observe a family duty than out of true feeling, and this acceptance of duty had put her in a cage from which she first did not want to get out (...)

from my book: Story of a Huntress of Hearts

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