"We are the choices we make, and in order to choose well, we must first be well with ourselves and understand how much we deserve."

Often times out of fear or unawareness we are the ones who set limits on what we could really attract into our lives.

´...I decided to open my heart and write these lines because I feel strongly within me the need to bare myself and show the world who I really am.

I have made the motto "I give of mine to few" my favorite, precisely because I have always been very reserved and introverted, reluctant to let those around me see my inner world, a garden that I have always jealously guarded to keep it sheltered from the storms of life. And today that I am about to take another leap forward, to take charge of my life again and be reborn professionally with my "company," I feel it is the right time to tell my story and the vicissitudes that have brought me here, with this strength and awareness.

It was precisely from the moments of darkness that the Simona I am today sprang forth, a woman who has loved so much, who has struggled so much to live out her dreams, and who only by learning to know and accept herself has come to understand that true Love can only spring from deep inner work of change and rebirth.

What has hurt and torn me has given me the propulsive thrust to embark on a sincere journey within myself, into the depths of my soul, in search of who I really am and what I really want for my life.

Thanks to this path I have been able to rediscover an awareness of my own worth, and only by knowing what one is worth can one really set out in search of that love that everyone longs for but few have the courage to truly experience because it is uncomfortable and destabilizing. When we really put ourselves out there we inevitably question who we are and what we truly believe in, looking our limitations and frailties face to face. Telling my story is just that: a giving of what my life journey has been to show that no one is born perfect, no one is more impossible than someone else to experience a true and lasting relationship...`

- Excerpted from my book "Story of a Huntress of Hearts."

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