The first date is extremely important because it determines one's impression of the person we are meeting, and conversely we let the other person understand who we are or how we wish to show ourselves in his or her eyes.

Research has shown that the place of the first meeting is most important because it sets the atmosphere and determines the energy of the evening.

According to a survey, people choose as a place to be quiet but to be able to share a meal in each other's company, and on this almost one-third point to a fine restaurant to impress their partner, on the other hand a quarter choose a good trattoria to create an easy and pleasant atmosphere. This is followed by the remainder who go for the classic pizzeria.
Yet a large proportion of people decide to have a coffee in company to end with a wonderful walk through the city streets or along the sea in suitable places.

I don't know which of these people you may recognize yourself in, certainly what I recommend to everyone who wishes to meet a possible partner for the first time is to choose a nice place, which is quiet, pleasant, sober, relaxing and not too noisy; so as to nOn getting in the way of communication.

No one wants to shout on their first date or listen to only half of what the other person

On this first date, regardless of the outcome, you will get to know a new person, which
which must be an enjoyable experience for both of you, no matter what.

Not focusing on the first impression on arrival is necessary because it allows one not to close one's attitude to something about the other person that one either does not like or likes. This helps in trying to understand and especially perceive whether or not the other person is willing to continue dating us or allows us to understand whether or not our meeting was also the beginning of a series of subsequent dates for us to devote to that person.

The key thing is to always be ourselves and not hide behind a mask or an identity we want to give of ourselves without it actually being part of our character.
Doing so risks giving a false expectation to one's partner about our character and not being able to continue to manage our emotions, generating an illusion.

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