Searching for love online has become the norm these days.
The long-lost art of getting up from the couch and getting dressed up and looking for "the one in person" has seemed to disappear now... With online profiles on dating sites and social networking pages, the only way to "get to know" someone is to see a bunch of words on the screen and trust that they were really written by that "someone on the other side." Everything now seems to be centered on dating apps.

Scroll left, up and down.... Okay now let's meet not for coffee, not for dinner, but for sex and then see if we are suitable and if we should continue.

Yet Chemistry and appearance are important things for men and women, yet p as if anyone seems to find it more interesting or easier, in cun cooking class to taste "cookies" from the pantry before knowing the recipe to create? It is certainly there and yet they are viewpoints, but what is totally lost is the emtions. They come before everything, and even before everything comes the time to decide what to put on, how to present oneself, what to say, how to put on makeup is all a mix that creates the atmosphere.

Nowadays deciding to go out to go "tubs" in the square to meet that "someone" who could be the man or woman in one's life has become an art. Yes because in the age of apps and social networks, people get to know each other online first and then if they decide to see each other (because sometimes it happens that love doesn't even get to consummate in person), the first thing they think about is figuring out whether or how to continue to consummate what has already been unveiled... doesn't that seem totally unromantic and totally apathetic?

The real match is art, it is what happens between two people who do not know each other but who by emotion and chemistry "smell each other" to feel that girdle that will later be that of life.

I am in no way against dating apps, because there are people who have found their love, but I believe and feel I can say from my experience that the most lasting and lifelong encounters are those that have in common the shared emotions in a moment of "discovery" of themselves before they even met...

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