What questions to ask a Personal MatchMaker.

I often find myself answering questions that people ask me before deciding whether or not to rely on me as a Personal MatchMaker in the field of affect. So I decided to choose the main ones and transcribe them as a vademecum towards the search for the professional in the field.

Asking these questions to a matchmaker will help you understand how the matching process works, what the experience and expertise is in the relationship field, and how client privacy and data is handled. It will also give you an idea of the cost of the service and the payment options available.

How does the matching process work? What criteria do you use to match people?

What is your success rate in finding couples that last?

What coaching or counseling services are available to clients during the matching process?

What is your background and experiences in the field of relationship and matching?

What is your client selection process? What are the requirements for becoming a client?

What is your follow-up process with clients after they have been matched?

What is your process for resolving problems or conflicts that may arise during the matching process?

What is your approach to privacy and customer data protection?

What are your terms and conditions for the matching service?

What is your cost for the matching service and what payment options are available?

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