Always throw yourself into love anyway

I advise everyone not to be afraid to jump in; we must take the risk of Love. This does not mean we will never suffer, but whatever pain we feel will never compare to the regret of choosing to walk away from love. Let your desire to love be + strong than the fear of suffering again.

Why rely on me?

"For Hope" the chance to find the right one, hope makes you dream and keeps you alive.

Is permanence in relationships a myth, is it an illusion? We have to believe in it though, because if we believe in it we can do anything, if we don't believe in it we would achieve superficial happiness.

Underneath in our broken hearts, we long for something pure and beautiful--we would all like a love life that comforts our hopes instead of our continued cynicism. Although for a long time our instincts have been assholes and liars, we must be willing to give them another chance. We cannot die by jumping out of a basement window.

As I have already ascribed my thoughts, I always reiterate that we are the result of our parents and the way they raised us. But I think it's kind of a crutch because we actually have proactive responsibilities to ourselves and at some point we have to separate from the crutches and try new challenges x grow.

It has happened to everyone to feel so much x someone who feels absolutely nothing x us. I have come to the conclusion that if 1 behaves badly with you he is actually doing you a favor, saving you time, telling you he doesn't want your time, you can say thank you and look for someone else.

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