Together with Puglia, Tuscany ranks high in Italy for natural beauty and especially for artistic and cultural heritage.

With Florence, it has been called one of the most beautiful places to experience love among the Italian Renaissance.


The works of the Italian Renaissance are the most harmonious and evocative setting for an unforgettable experience amidst the colors of the Tuscan countryside and the Love of a journey with your ideal partner.





This past early May, PUGLIA was the center of love between two souls that I put in contact and that met making an incredible match break out between them.

It was wonderful to know that we had united two hearts.

My mission was accomplished by taking advantage of the trip to record some episodes of my TV format.




From Wednesday, MAY 10, I will be for 2 days in TUSCANY where I will go in person to meet two hearts who have contacted me in search of Love.


I will take advantage of shooting some footage in the streets of Florence and the Florentine countryside.




May 10 and 11, if you are in FLORENCE, it will be a pleasure to meet,
or if you have a single friend in the area, pass him/her my contact, I will be glad to meet him/her.


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