The Heart Hunter ® Method by Simona Muscari Personal Matchmaker

Heart Hunting was developed and patented by Simona Muscari MatchMaking to introduce like-minded people with the intention that they share their lives together.

Our method combines techniques commonly used in Executive Search by Talent Scouts (Head Hunters) but with a holistic approach that takes into account desires, hobbies, personality traits, past experiences, life goals, etc. to achieve a perfect match.

The process consists of several steps and starts with an initial in-person, no-obligation meeting where we assess the mutual suitability between the potential client and the Simona Muscari MatchMaking Club philosophy.


Heart Hunter Method - The Phases:

The steps, which are interconnected, are as follows:


First Phase:


Analyzes customer requirements to assess the feasibility of their process.

- Initial interview.
- Face-to-face meeting.
- Needs analysis.
- Definition of future couple criteria.
- Decision-making process.

Out-of-State Customers

When it is not possible for the customer to come to the site, we make arrangements to meet in his or her area.

Our CEO will meet them at a convenient location and spend enough time with the client to better understand what they are looking for in order to find a perfect person.


Phase II:


1.Holistic Approach: A sexologist can contribute a holistic and comprehensive approach to the experience of finding a partner. Relationships are not only based on the emotional aspect but also on the physical and sexual aspect.
Attention to sexual well-being and compatibility can greatly improve the quality of a relationship.

1.Respect for Individual Needs: Each individual has different desires, needs, and expectations in terms of sexual intimacy. A sexologist can help better understand these needs and guide in finding a partner who is both emotionally and sexually attuned.

The inclusion of a sexologist within a matchmaking service can enrich the overall experience by ensuring that the sexual and intimate aspect is addressed in an open, respectful, and professional manner, thus helping to create meaningful and lasting relationships.


Third Phase:


1.Emotional Support: Finding a partner and building a relationship can be an emotionally intense and complex process. A psychotherapist can provide professional emotional support to address the anxieties, insecurities, and expectations associated with finding a meaningful relationship.

1.Self-awareness: A psychotherapist can help people explore and understand themselves better. This self-awareness can be valuable when looking for a compatible partner and when building a healthy relationship.

In summary, a psychotherapist within a matchmaking service can offer emotional, psychological, and behavioral support that goes beyond simply finding a partner. This helps to create stronger relationships, improve understanding of self and others, and foster personal growth within a meaningful relationship.


Fourth Phase:


Define the search strategy to identify the target Profile.

- Defining the search strategy.
- Identification of the most appropriate search channels. - Activation of the search.


Fifth Phase:


Filter and select candidates who fit the target profile.

- Long list preparation (Affiliates).
- Miscellaneous interviews.
- Preparation of short list (Candidates).
- Filtering and selection of final candidates.


Sixth Phase:


Present selected profile and arrange presentation between Client and Candidate.

- Definition and presentation of the "first best" profile.
- Coordinating agendas to set the presentation. - Organization of the presentation.


Seventh Phase:


Identify whether there was a "Match" (mutual interest in continuing to get to know each other) between the Client and the Candidate.

- Telephone follow-up with the candidate.
- Telephone follow-up with the Client.
- Decision making based on both feedbacks.


Eighth Phase:


Closing meeting of the process to present conclusions and recommendations.

- Development of the closing relationship.
- Meeting with the Client.
- Presentation of the report Conclusions and recommendations.

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