We guarantee each of our members 100% results.
We are confident in our teamwork and in our highly personalised holistic approach based on Talent Scout techniques to find the ideal partner.
This means that if within a year we have not succeeded in making you happy by finding the perfect person for you, we will bear all the costs until you have found your soulmate.

Our highly selected clientele comprises career people who have too little leisure time;
consequently, they do not want to waste it.
We acknowledge that looking for a soulmate through the usual means such as digital tools, public events or another routine context is inefficient

That is why, by delegating such an important, complex and delicate search to us with confidence, you will be able to avoid meetings that are not suitable for you, thus saving unnecessary and painful losses of time.

I have complete confidence in my team and their 20 years of experience. I expose myself personally, with the guarantee of a proven method, so that you can find your other half.

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