About me

My name is Simona Muscari, specializing in MatchMaking among career and successful people looking for equal partners. I am the only one in Italy in this field to use a holistic, highly personalized approach with Talent scout and Head hunting techniques to search for the ideal partner. For several years I have been president of the association Single Italia and founder of theAcademy School of MatchMaking and Heart Hunting™, collaborating with more than 800 colleagues specialized in my method, worldwide.

How my agency was born

When I separated, I went through a very dark time in my life. I had three relationships, all of them "wrong", but they taught me a lot: first of all, that if I hadn't learnt to feel good about myself first, I would never have felt good about anyone else; if you are not the first to like yourself, accept yourself and love yourself, how can anyone else?

And so it began my inner journey, a journey in solitude to find my inner self. i decided to go to a psychotherapist. it helped me look inside and realise that i could find serenity and happiness within me, avoiding establishing a relationship to fill a void inside or start cohabiting or getting married… instead, i learnt to choose to be with someone for the beauty of sharing… of interests, paths, moments, understanding that the quality of time is more important than quantity.

I believe that changing the status of "singletude " is only right to be able to complete and improve; because this is what a relationship should do: bring out the best in us thanks to the chemistry that is triggered when two like-minded souls meet. Never settle for trying to fill an emotional void with anyone! That would be the biggest mistake.

I decided that these would be my new principles, to defend my happiness, my integrity, my self-esteem and above all to be an example for my daughter.

So, one day I said to myself: "theremust be people like me"... people who are committed to their careers and achieving their goals, who are not interested in frivolous flings, but who want a deep, fulfilling relationship in all respects, the fateful "soul mate". The right person exists, and can be found!... It's just a question of compatibility, of knowing where and how to look... in a word, it's a question of Perfect Matching.

Some years have passed since then, but it was there that I felt and understood my vocation. The desire (given by my inner condition) to want to be the very person who first suffered from sentimental issues, to want to help other people realise their dream of love.

I immediately found a new meaning to my life, I felt enthusiastic and encouraged, not least because I had a lot of experience in this area, I had the skills to do it, and it was a bit like, in helping others, I was also helping myself.

I take it to heart when a person comes to me, I understand them, there is empathy, because I've been there first... I understand that desire to meet the person of their dreams, but for a thousand reasons (which could be professional or otherwise) they can't or don't manage to achieve it on their own and need someone they trust to look for them: A Personal Matchmaker.

I decided to work with a team of specialists, including psychologists and sexologists, to carefully analyse the profiles, compatibilities and affinities of the people who come to me.

In order to do this, I decided to work with the best professionals in the country: the experts at Wedding at First Sight.

My agency differs from others mainly because of its human approach and its ability to make a person feel welcomed and listened to from the heart.

This is what differentiates me from the usual 'singles clubs', which manage databases by automating every match on the basis of algorithms, disregarding humanity, real desires and the precious uniqueness of each of us.

For me, it is not just a job... It is a passion, a mission, because I have the responsibility to change people's destiny. It is about changing their lives and contributing to their happiness... and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing their eyes shine with love.

That for me is the biggest reward.

Simona Muscari


I decided to tell my story by encapsulating it in a book: STORY OF A HEART HUNTER. Contact me to get a hard copy or purchase the E-book version.

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