Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other. 

- Paulo Choelho -

Are you a woman with the capital w?
are you looking for a relationship with a partner who shares your values?


Do you dedicate much of the day to your business,
but do you also wish to have an ambitious man who can understand you ?

Are you a career-oriented woman, and you don't have time
to look for the right one you dream to have next to you?


Would you like to get a professional assistance in finding
the man who would correspond exactly to your criteria?

What is the exclusive matchmaking club ™

My name is Simona Muscari, I have been involved in MatchMaking between people of high socio-economic and cultural status for over 20 years and specialise in high-level headhunting techniques. I am the only one in Italy to use a holistic and highly customised approach with this type of expertise to find the ideal partner.

For several years I have been president of the Single Italia association and founder of theAcademy School of MatchMaking and Heart Hunting™, working with more than 800 specialized colleagues worldwide.

I am the founder of an exclusive dating agency for careeroriented and success-oriented people looking for love partners with similar values.

As we grow, we value the time more and more, trying to use it as effectively as possible. our highly selected clientele comprises career people who have too little leisure time; consequently, they do not want to waste it.
we acknowledge that looking for a soulmate through the usual means such as digital tools, public events or another routine context is inefficient


Our committed professionals will take care of your private life dedicating all the required time to optimise yours

I wanted to create a personalised, professional, exclusive, confidential service for demanding people who wanted to find a life partner.



Club members enjoy exclusivity as they are selected to be eligible for access.


Each member is protected by privacy, and each meeting takes place in total confidentiality


Simona's team carefully selects each member trying to get to know each one personally.


We guarantee our members 100% satisfaction with the final result.

Our experience and outcomes show that we are perfectly sure of the final result, guaranteeing 100% to each of our club members.


I collaborate with professionals from the world of communication, relationship psychology and business.

Within the club I have the collaboration of Dr. Nada Loffredi, sexologist, psychotherapist and professor of psychology at the Sapienza University,
Dr. Fabrizio Quattrini, psychotherapist for couples, lecturer at L'Aquila and President of the IISS 'Italian Institute of Scientific Sexology' in Rome, and Dr. Silvia Sanz, psychotherapist, sexual therapist for couples, expert in psychological relationships, founder of the 'Institute of Psychology and Sexology of Madrid'.



Simona Muscari
Headhunter & CEO "Simona Muscari" Exclusive Matchmaking Club
Nada Loffredi
Sexologist "Simona Muscari" Exclusive Matchmaking Club
Silvia Sanz
Sexologist "Simona Muscari" Exclusive Matchmaking Club - Spain



My personnel select the candidates before registration.
if you believe you fit, send your application, registration is entirely confidential.